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HyperSnap(截图软件)是个屏幕截图工具,它不仅能抓住标准桌面程序还能抓取 DirectX, 3Dfx Glide 游戏和视频或 DVD 屏幕图。本程序能以 20 多种图形格式(包括:BMP, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PCX 等)保存并阅读图片。

HyperSnap(截图软件)可以用热键或自动记时器从屏幕上抓图。功能还包括:在所抓的图像中显示鼠标轨迹,收集工具,有调色板功能并能设置分辨率,还能选择从 TWAIN 装置中(扫描仪和数码相机)抓图。

– Fix for Windows 8 – starting a capture with hot-keys in “Metro” interface no longer requires Alt+Tab to switch to desktop mode to view and finish the capture – switches automatically when needed.
– Fixed frames missing one pixel in top left corner.
– Improved blurry text in callouts when background color is totally opaque (Alpha 255).

v7.20.04, 2012.10.29:
* Had to disable anonymous upload to ImageShack – it never worked correctly.

– Small fix – font selection box for text and callout items did not work correctly under Windows XP.

– Fixed crash when trying to create a text box when running on Windows XP (maybe some other systems as well)
– Added keyboard shortcuts in text editing box of toggle of bold (Ctrl+B), italics (Ctrl+I), underline (Ctrl+U), left align (Ctrl+L), center (Ctrl+E) and right align (Ctrl+R) commands.

Fixed transparency issue for stamps created with HyperSnap 6.
– Automatically imprinting edge effects like torn edges before adding a shadow to an image.

– Added hot/cold button state selection to button capture tab of “Caputre settings”. Hot state is when the mouse cursor is over a button, cold otherwise.
– Added easier font face and size selection to text editing box (for stamps, text items and callouts)
– Added “Resize to contain text” option to text editing box, for text items and callouts.
– Added Align – Center horizontally and vertically commands, and changed the way align commands work – now they align relatively to the common bounding box, instead of asking user to drag a line first.
– Changed stamps list to multi-select (hold Ctrl or Shift to select more than 1 stamps), valid for Insert and Delete operations.
– Fixed TextSnap to work again with Internet Explorer 9 in “protected mode”.

– Changed Stamps list to multi-selection. Hold Ctrl or Shift key while clicking on stamp names to select more than one, then click “Insert” or “Delete” button to insert/delete multiple stamps in one operation.

v7.19.00 (2012.09.20):
* Modified again the way copy/paste of image area works. Now again preserves the original position, unless the pasted fragment would fall entirely outside of the target image – in that case it goes to (0,0) of current selection.
* Added “Align” command for shapes to the “Edit” ribbon tab, and modified the way align works – it now shows and lets the user move a vertical or horizontal line to which the shapes should be aligned.
* Renaming an image from the thumbnails list (click the thumbnail, then click again the name below it to edit it) now also renames the file belonging to this image.

v7.18.00 (2012.09.06):
– Strip command on Image menu now has also insert commands, in addition to cut-out
– Resize button has drop down menu with “Contain shapes” command
– Split button added to Image ribbon tab, to split images horizontally, vertically or 4-ways.
– Correction to copy image area, followed by immediate paste – was pasted relative to the current selection rectangle, causing it to fall outside of the image sometimes.
– Fixed – no longer rounding corners when capturing windows under Windows 8.
– TextSnap marked as unsupported. It still works as always, but a notice appear when turned on, explaining the lack of support.

6.91.03 简体中文版 (非官方):

7.21.00 简体中文版 (非官方):

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